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Berners Tavern Bliss

We have realised we’ve been to Berners Tavern twice now and have not said a word about it – shame on us. It’s absolutely brilliant!

Berners Tavern is the restaurant in The London Edition that opened in 2013, the first in a new luxury range of hotels from the Marriott Group, breathing new life into the former ‘Berners Hotel’. The property was originally built as a group of townhouses in 1835 and became a hotel in 1908 – famous for its grade II listed richly decorated ceilings in its marble-clad lobby and restaurant, which have been lovingly restored by its new owners. The restaurant that is Berners Tavern features walled framed pictures, a floor to ceiling bar, stunning overhead antique lighting with the marble ceiling dimly lit to create a uber luxurious dining atmosphere. “We needed to draw the eye down, we couldn’t have everyone sitting looking up at the ceiling” we were told by management.

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Speck Tagliatelle


One thing you notice when visiting Italy is the simplicity that goes into creating delicious pasta dishes; just a few core ingredients can produce a flavoursome meal in no time. A Monday evening favourite for Elldrew is Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Speck Tagliatelle. With just 5 mins prep and 15 mins cooking time, this tasty dish will have you on the sofa in no time, after all, who wants to spend time in the kitchen after your first day in the office of a new week?

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Miss Bun NW5


Miss Bun can’t be having fun stuck in the corner of what seems to be the smallest restaurant space on the planet. A sink to her left, a small portable electric cooker in front of her – one pot with boiling water, the other a frying pan. 

Add in a fridge and warming oven down the side of the room, a small bench for taking orders and holding chopsticks/napkins. Bench seating around the front window and side of cooking area, with just enough space to squeeze in six stools. Welcome to Miss Bun in Kentish Town (NW5).

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Four Seasons in 24 hrs

Following on from our jaunt at Bishopstrow House, Elldrew recently had the pleasure of another country weekend, this time at the Four Seasons in Hampshire (courtesy of a special friend who was celebrating a special birthday; both the friend’s name and age shall be withheld to preserve ones modesty). Unlike Bishopstrow where it was the two of us, this trip saw 20 friends converge on the New Forest for a fun filled weekend away!


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Bishopstrow House, Wiltshire


Regular readers will know that Elldrew like to escape the London rat race, so with the Christmas madness behind us and Ell’s birthday ahead we booked a weekend at Bishopstrow House in Wiltshire. Having done several country house weekends in the UK our favourite, by far, was a few years back when we stayed at Cowley Manor (pre-blog setup, before you go searching). Since then we’ve tried to find a good reason to go back, but being amongst the top in its class it also carries a certain premium price tag. For this trip we wanted somewhere that wouldn’t break the bank, a 3-night long weekend not too far from London.

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‘The Angel’ in Heytesbury

No there hasn’t been an angelic sighting – it’s a pub. But the big question is: Do they serve the best Sunday roast in Britain? Answer: Possibly!


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Gastronomy in Gascony (Deuxième Moitié)



“What time’s the restaurant booked for?” Elldrew enquiry.
“One o’clock, it’s about 15 mins drive away” comes a reply from a busy kitchen, kids hair frantically being brushed.
“But it’s 12.55pm now!” shrieks the ever prompt Ronnie.
“Don’t worry, no one ever arrives on time in France” informs our host.

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Gastronomy in Gascony (Première Moitié)



Toulouse-Lautrec was all I could think about as the captain announced our descent. We were descending into Bordeaux, not Toulouse, so Monsieur Lautrec didn’t have much relevance but nevertheless I thought of him…perhaps it was because Elldrew were about to embark on a weekend of gastronomy in Gascony and our route would take us south towards Toulouse.

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Shakespeare’s Swan Song

As quickly as it started it seemed to be over. Yes Planet Elldrew is talking about summer in London. But there is something still magical as the leaves start to turn brown and litter the pavements, the suns glare is exceptionally brighter with the contrast of looming grey clouds in the distance, crisp gushes of wind from side alleys attack the last of the holiday tourists as they grasp at their collar buttons. Autumn has arrived and us Londoners enjoy nothing more than the allure of relaxing in a warm and cosy pub. Chairs littered with coats and scarves as a log fire crackles and spits embers, the smell of roasting potatoes wafting from behind the kitchen doors as waiters buzz around the room as if on roller skates, a constant hum of relaxed banter with bursts of sporadic laughter fills the air, occasionally broken by the sound of clinking glass…all this takes place as the outside world seems to be going at a much much faster pace.

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A Sunday Roasting

Nothing quite beats a gathering of friends for a Sunday roast at a gastropub, even better when it’s overcast. Pick the right venue and you feel the warmth and charm soak through your veins as you sit back, relax and catch-up over a glass of vino whilst deciding if you want a beef, lamb, pork, chicken or vege roast with all the trimmings.

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