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The Chiltern Firehouse Restaurant. Smouldering?

So Elldrew joined the celebrity set recently to dine at what has been labelled ‘London’s hottest celebrity hangout restaurant’; the Chiltern Firehouse.

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An English High Tea, Fit for a Princess

Here at Planet Elldrew we never need much of an excuse to throw a party, so Mama Elldrew’s spring birthday was in fact the perfect excuse.


With a rather cold and grey winter behind us and spring having sprung in a typically English “sprung a leak” rainy kind of a way, we wanted to make a tea party that was bright, cheery and also reflected Elldrew’s style and taste (centred around the birthday girl of course!).

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Delicious Ducasse – or was it?


A 3rd wedding anniversary might only be the “leather” anniversary but for Elldrew it was the opportunity to join friends and splash out at one of London’s swankiest and most highly acclaimed restaurants – the 3 Michelin starred Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. We were just in time to enjoy head chef Jocelyn Herland’s new 2014 Spring menu and had the choice of going a la carte or opting for the 7 course tasting menu. Whilst we enjoy eating out regularly it is an exceptionally rare treat for us to enjoy somewhere with 3 Michelin stars, and whilst not being big lovers of seafood, we decided to be brave and indulge in the mostly seafood tasting menu, we were happy to have our taste buds awakened.

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Watercolours, Elldrew Style

Elldrew like nothing better than grabbing a canvas and some watercolour pencils on a Sunday and creating some original pieces. Actually we lie. Playing around with one of the many image editing phone apps available, you can become the next Picasso or Monet with the touch of a button. In 5 minutes we took some […]

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook


Can you believe it’s been a decade since Facebook launched!? And with the current global upload of everyone’s ‘lookback’ video (our wall is inundated with them), we thought we would share some quick stats about the world of Facebook (we do do more than just travel and eat you know)…be prepared for a barrage of facts and figures:

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Convenience vs Community?



Relaxing, feet up, sipping on a coffee from the comfort of the sofa, it was hard to control the smirk as I congratulated myself for managing to do all of my Christmas shopping online. But it made me wonder, how was the old high street going? It had been awhile since I had heard about the ‘death’ of it, so with laptop conveniently balanced I launched Google to get the latest insight.

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Happy Renovation Anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s been virtually a year since we completed our house renovations (it took that long to get over it)! So we thought we’d pull together a quick ‘before’ & ‘after’ picture blog to show the transformation (more for us so that in 10 years time we can look back and remember it all, but also for our international friends who have not yet had the chance to visit).

dining _elldrew

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Hidden London Gardens: St Dunstan-in-the-East


Without a doubt London is an amazing city. You can live here for years and unexpectedly take a wrong turn and find something new; such history covering such a small metropolis footprint. And there is nothing better than finding a garden oasis in the heart of The City.

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Bieber Drag Racing

This was the first thing that popped into Elldrew’s mind upon learning that Justin Bieber had been arrested for drag racing! Although we can’t help wondering who was the actual winner…looks like a photo finish!


Secret Cinema Mayhem

secret_cinemaLast weekend Planet Elldrew headed down to deepest darkest Croydon (we’re North London boys) for our first experience of Secret Cinema, and what an experience it was…we’re still processing a very surreal night, still rather unsure what it was all about, except to say that we loved it!

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