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Berners Tavern Bliss

We have realised we’ve been to Berners Tavern twice now and have not said a word about it – shame on us. It’s absolutely brilliant!

Berners Tavern is the restaurant in The London Edition that opened in 2013, the first in a new luxury range of hotels from the Marriott Group, breathing new life into the former ‘Berners Hotel’. The property was originally built as a group of townhouses in 1835 and became a hotel in 1908 – famous for its grade II listed richly decorated ceilings in its marble-clad lobby and restaurant, which have been lovingly restored by its new owners. The restaurant that is Berners Tavern features walled framed pictures, a floor to ceiling bar, stunning overhead antique lighting with the marble ceiling dimly lit to create a uber luxurious dining atmosphere. “We needed to draw the eye down, we couldn’t have everyone sitting looking up at the ceiling” we were told by management.

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Book Reviews: Addicted to technology? Who us?

It’s interesting writing a review for a blog about a book that in its opening chapters includes the comment:

“It made me sad when I caught myself pretending that everybody out there in cyberspace cared about what I thought, when really nobody gives a sh*t. And when I multiplied that sad feeling by all the millions of people in their lonely little rooms, furiously writing and posting to their lonely little pages that nobody has time to read because they’re all so busy writing and posting, it kind of broke my heart.”
Nao, A Tale for the Time Being.

And perhaps that’s the reason this particular review has taken so long to write? More likely is that in recent weeks Elldrew have found themselves wrapped up in 3 novels, all of which coincidentally are a blighting condemnation of the virtual world and the extent to which the internet is rapidly dominating our lives.

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Oscars Leading Ladies

Here’s some Friday fashion fun to get everyone in the mood for this weekends Oscars!


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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies

When it comes to delicious cookies, you never need an occasion to whip up a batch and just indulge in deliciousness. We can’t thank Lady Rhubarb enough for this simple but totally scrumptious recipe, try it for yourself, you wont be disappointed…we need to make more, we have eaten every single one of them (salivates).

‘Once’ The Musical – 5 Stars!


Elldrew had no idea about the musical ‘Once‘, apart from seeing the lead song performed on TV, liked it, googled the show and decided to book tickets. Whenever we venture in for some West End theatre action we do forget how much we actually enjoy it, baffled why it takes us so long between shows. But it’s very rare we take a risk on something we know nothing about…even being a multi-award winning musical we were not 100% sure, but boy are we glad we did!

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‘We Do’ Love This Weddings Blog!

Planet Elldrew were recently flattered to be spotlighted on Smashing the Glass’s wedding blog.

smashingtheglassLooking for creative, individual, inventive and original ideas for soon-to-be brides and grooms? Then do check out this fabulous blog. Each article not only gives you a glimpse into the happy couples amazing day, but Karen, it’s creator, sifts through all the ‘usual’ elements associated with a wedding and highlights clever tips and ideas to share with her readers, as well as a list of suppliers. It couldn’t be easier, it’s the perfect one-stop wedding blog.

Oh, whilst you’re there, check out the feature on us (of course) and why not pinch a few clever ideas for your special day, we promise not to tell!

Acid Rain

We recently mentioned that we had commissioned a large format piece of art from artist and graphic designer Lene Bladbjerg, after spotting her talents at Spitalfields markets. Elldrew are happy to reveal ‘Acid Rain’, which is proudly being displayed in our lounge room.

acid rain

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Star Trek Into The Darkness

Two words – LOVED IT.


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Dining Delights Of Denmark

Business travel; a necessary evil but one that is, every so often, peppered with a rare treat. Take Elldrew’s recent trip to Copenhagen – a city so renowned for it’s gastronomy that even with a mere 3 days notice we were sure we could do better than the hotel restaurant. Elldrew tried all the corporate strings they could pluck but despite the recent Norovirus scandal we failed to secure a last minute table at Noma, instead settling for Relae - awarded a Michelin star in 2012 and, allegedly, where Noma’s chefs go to eat. It had to be good? So Elldrew boarded the flight hoping for no delays so they could make the reservation.

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For Arts Sake

pole_dancingOn a recent trip to Spitalfields (London’s oldest markets), we came across their monthly Arts Fair. A bit disheartened by the size of it (about 10 ‘booths’) we decided to have a look around anyway as we had been looking for several months for something to take pride of place on our lounge room wall…the ‘missing’ piece to complete the recent renovations on the ground floor.  Having trawled through countless art websites, even making a few unsuccessful gallery trips, we had planned to attend the next Affordable Art Fair, until we came across visual artist Lene Bladbjerg.

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