Happy Renovation Anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s been virtually a year since we completed our house renovations (it took that long to get over it)! So we thought we’d pull together a quick ‘before’ & ‘after’ picture blog to show the transformation (more for us so that in 10 years time we can look back and remember it all, but also for our international friends who have not yet had the chance to visit).

dining _elldrew

The finished decor palette utilised the ‘cool grey’ family which we applied to most of the walls, using white for trimmings and ceilings, but swapped this around for the main artery of the house; the hall and stairwell (we have placed an ‘after’ pic of this area but unfortunately the ‘before’ pics were lost when our mobile died – the hall had the same black and white tiles as the kitchen, using the original floorboards have made the entire ground floor cohesive). We created a darker ‘feature wall’ in the master bedroom. The colours have allowed us to create a cool interior during the summer months, and a cozy one in winter.

Having dedicated a blog to the kitchen make-over previously, we hope to concentrate on the outside gardens either this spring, or 2015, depends if we can find the energy, so watch this space for that one.


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